Benefits of the Arts



The mind becomes sharpened through music study, practice, and performance.  Learning about music requires concentration and focus. When children are asked to analyze, compare and contrast sounds, they are actively engaged in problem-solving experiences.  While experiencing music, children are developing fun mental discipline through mental exercises that are different from classroom activities, academic studies, and even video games.  Research has proven that studying music will allow the individual to gain mental acuity, a clear and brilliant mind to create.  





The body develops physical discipline through music study.  Learning to play an instrument enhances fine motor co-ordination. There are health benefits for singing.  There is a direct relation to the immune system, breathing, adopting good posture, improved mood, and stress reduction.




Creating music cultivates the individual’s inner being.  Music initiates self-expressions.  Through the arts, the following tendencies are reduced:

  • Behavior Issues
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Crime
  • Violence









Valuable Resources

It has been present in all cultures and throughout the known historical development of human species, facilitating emotional, physical, and social expression.  Music satisfies the human need for aesthetic enjoyment and provides for communication of cultural ideas.  Music is valuable as it is used as a tool of integration and among many elements of human and nature kind.  Take time browse through these valuable links to learn more about why music education is so valuable to the process of child development.  Click on the links below:


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