Arts In Motion is a Music Center for Children that offers a ground breaking comprehensive music program, delivered at a convenient location in Montgomery, Alabama.  All lessons are presented by qualified professionals, dedicated to engaging and empowering children by helping them discover the creative process. The award-winning and age appropriate music curriculum fosters creativity in students and encourages the development of critical thinking and motor skills. Each lesson is presented in a step-by-step process for developing young minds through a vigorous, yet fun, music program. 






Arts In Motion is unique because of its first-class supplementary programs that are given to families who value education.  The programs are developed to provide music education, but also to support the local community.  We take pride in our:


¨ Safe and Worry-Free Environment

¨  All Inclusive Hassle-Free Packages for Students (Save Time and $$)

¨ Customizable Lessons & Special Coaching Sessions


Embrace the following pages to learn more about our uniqueness.  Register today to start a new beginning with Arts In Motion, where kids are empowered, educated, and equipped all while having fun.



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Contact Information

Arts In Motion
1803 West Third Street
Montgomery, AL 36106